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Paperless in 2022

As part of our group sustainability program "The Next 5" we have made a commitment that in the next 5 years, we will embed 5 key pillars, to drive sustainability for the next 5 generations.

The 2022 New Release Tasting will be our first event where we intend to significantly reduce waste.

"In a world with finite resources we commit to treading lightly. We will seek to preserve what we have, regenerate what we can, and minimize consumption of what can’t be replenished; and we will set an example for others through our people and our practices."

Completely paperless event

  • Registration, ticketing and check-in online

  • Product information and pricing via Trade Portal only

QR Scan available at each tasting station

  • View specific product information at stand

  • See your current pricing

Favourites functionality online

  • Highlight products of interest

  • Review at later date

Utilise note taking applications

  • Copy links to products online

  • Keep detailed tasting notes

Please ensure if you are attending the  trade event you have access to Trade Portal on your mobile. Please speak with your area manager if you need to gain access. 

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